Moscow Research Center for Medical Rehabilitation, Recovery and Sports

Moscow Research Center for  Medical Rehabilitation, Recovery and Sports Medicine of the Moscow Department of Health for many years has been known by its Sports Medicine Clinic.

Alexander Razumov
Director, Doctor of Medicine, professor, Academician of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Prizewinner of the Russian Federation Government

It is located in the center of Moscow on the territory of the homestead of the Usachevs-Naidenovs where highly qualified sportsmen undergo clinical examination diagnosing their functional conditions, fitness level and the influence of athletic exercises on the sportsman's organism, detection of hidden pathology, which in future can cause serious diseases.

In the clinic they perform high technology operational manipulations, which maximally retain and, if possible, rehabilitate the structure and functions of the damaged segments of the musculoskeletal apparatus, treat cruciate ligaments of the knee joint with the usage of biologically absorbable materials and arthroscopic techniques providing for the earliest recovery of the joint function and its sport efficiency.

They have worked out unique techniques of operations and rehabilitation treatment of sportsmen with serious cases of old, wrongly diagnosed and treated damages of Achilles tendon and surrounding structures, which allows not only to adapt a sportsman to everyday home loads but to return him/her to top sports.

The clinic possesses modern department of rehabilitation treatment where they carry out a complete cycle of rehabilitation measures at all stages of a sportsman's rehabilitation after a trauma, non-operative or operative treatment including biochemical testing in order to determine his/her return to sports.

The clinic is also open for those who want to get a consultation on the functional capacities of an organism and reasonable application of physical exercises with individual engagement in physical training in fitness clubs and sports facilities.

Moscow Research Center for Medical Rehabilitation, Recovery and Sports Medicine
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