Moscow Sports 2012–2016: First Year

One of the priority goals of the Department is the development and popularization of mass-scale physical training and sports among Muscovites. Thanks to the development of sport infrastructure of the city during 2011–2012 the number of the citizens regularly engaged in physical training and sports grew up to 2.8 million people, which is by 510,000 more than in 2010.

Aleksey Vorobiev
Head of the Department of Physical Training and Sports of Moscow (Moskomsport)

The Moskomsport together with the Departments of culture, education, urban policies, building, natural resources use and environment protection, social protection of population, economic policy and development, finance, property and prefectures of the city carry out systemic work on the development of physical training and sports in Moscow and starting with 2012 it has been realizing the state five-year program on the development of sports in Moscow, which is for the first time of inter-branch character and has consolidated budget.

The program is aimed at formation of the efficient system of sports development in Moscow. The total amount of financing of the program in 2012 was 40 billion and 283 million Rubles.

In 2012 they held more than 25,500 sport and mass-scale events with the participation of 2 million people (first of all these are competitions in dwelling areas, municipal units, districts and places for the mass-scale recreation of Muscovites). Compared with 2010 the number of mass-scale sport events in the city grew by more than 7,000.

Population's Interest to Mass-Scale Sport Events

Ever growing number of the citizens of our city are participating in the competitions of all-round sports festivals and large mass-scale festivities, such as Moscow yard is a sport yard, Sport for everybody, Kozhany myatch, Gold puck, Sport longevity, The ice of our hope, The day of Moscow sports and the Day of the city in Luzhniki.

At present in Moscow they actively support a new youth movement named work-out, which is a sport direction based on exercises with one's own weight. For exercises they use bars, horizontal bars and other equipment installed on the open sport grounds and in the yards.

On January 25, 2012 at the meeting of the Mayor of Moscow Sergey S. Sobyanin with young people the representatives of the movement asked him to provide support to equip certain places in Moscow for work-out exercises. Together with young people they worked out typical designs of the grounds, determined their optimal locations and equipped 82 grounds.

The said number includes sport grounds built on the territory of the Olympic complex Luzhniki, on the Vorobievy Hills and in the recreation parks. On the territory of the Moskomsport facilities they built 16 grounds. For exercises in winter time they opened additional in-door grounds at the sports complex Krylatskoye.

The support of this youth movement was also expressed by the fact that Moskomsport included sport festivals and competitions in work-out in its calendar and already in 2012 together with the representatives of the movement they held 25 sports events, which caused great interest among young people. Thus, on September 1 at the festive event in Luzhniki dedicated to the Day of the city in demonstrations there took part more than 2,000 people, including foreign representatives of the movement.

On December 8, 2012 in Luzhniki with the support of the Moskomsport they held first international competitions in work-out Cup of Nations-2012. Among the participants there were more than 250 foreign athletes from the USA, Spain, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Ukraine. Entertaining competitions were held in individual, pair and team free-style events in such disciplines as work-out, gym bar and technique on the bar. The Cup of Nations attracted not only young people as the whole families came to see the performance of the strongest representatives of work-out from seven countries.

In 2013 besides competitions and festivals again by the suggestion of young people they will hold the Mayor's Cup in work-out.

For the specialists of the Moskomsport sport facilities together with the leaders of the movement Danila Cherkasov, Pavel Smolyakov, Maksim Popov they organized a number of seminars on the methodology of classes. Now sport instructors, who underwent training use the elements of work-out when conducting classes in the sections in dwelling areas.

If at the beginning of the year the representatives of the movement spoke about 5 thousand of actively engaged in this sport now their number has increased by almost two times.

One of the most important directions of the  Department's activities is the work with young people of the pre-military age, which today is being done at the qualitatively new level. Annually with the view of preparing young people for the army together with the Military Commissariat of Moscow they successfully hold Sports festivals of pre-military youth, in which there participate more than 40,000 of boys and girls. In September 2012, for the first time on the premises of the Moscow Preobrazhensky Reconnaissance Regiment of Airborne Troops for Moscow school undergraduates they held sport and patriotic event, which was attended by more than 500 young Muscovites. In total 53 per cent of Moscow pre-military age young people are engaged in these projects.

In 2011–2012 the Moskomsport, Departments of communal services, culture, natural resources use and environment protection, prefectures and municipalities carried out active preparation for the winter: at present in the city there function 214 ski tracks with the total length of 684 kilometers and 8 hills for mountain skiers.

The Moskomsport pays great attention to the work with football fans. On the instructions of the Deputy-Mayor of Moscow Alexander N. Gorbenko the Moskomsport together with the All-Russia Association of Fans in 2012 organized a new city sport festival – Sport fan, in which there participated more than 5 thousand people.

Provision of Access to Sports Facilities to the Muscovites with Handicaps

In the frameworks of the state program Sports of Moscow by the end of 2016 all facilities of the Moskomsport will be adjusted for the handicapped people engaged in sports. By the end of 2015 the number of specialized transport units for the transportation of sportsmen with handicaps will reach 69.

At present about 25,000 of Muscovites with different handicaps are engaged in physical training and sports on a permanent basis. This is 6 per cent of the number of citizens with handicaps, who are allowed by doctors to go in for physical training and sports. By 2016 this number will double and reach 11 per cent of the total number of the Muscovites with handicaps and who are allowed by doctors to go in for physical training and sports.

More than 8,000 of handicapped people are engaged in physical training and health improvement at sports facilities, physical training and health improvement complexes of the dwelling areas. A special attention in the state program Sport of Moscow is given to the adjustment of the Moskomsport facilities for the handicapped people engaged in sports: physical training and health improvement complexes are equipped with rampants and lifts and gyms – with specialized sports equipment; they buy mobile grounds for exercises with the people on weal-chairs.

In 2012 they started the construction of the specialized physical training and health improvement complex for mass-scale engagement in physical training and sport activities of the handicapped persons in the Southern Administrative Okrug.

Together with the Department of the social protection of the population a special attention in 2012 will be given to the organization of special classes with handicapped people. They have worked out and are realizing a plan schedule of the measures on free access of the handicapped people to departmental facilities. During 2011-2012 they adjusted 136 facilities, bought 180 units of specialized equipment, which twice as much as in 2010.

According to the instructions of the Moscow Mayor Sergey S. Sobyanin and under the control of the Department of Construction not a single sport facility in the city is commissioned without ensuring barrier free environment; and the Moskomsport requested the security officers of sport facilities to provide help and support to the handicapped visitors.

During 2012 the Moskomsport held more than 400 events at the town and district levels for the handicapped persons, which were attended by more than 20,000 people.

2012 results

The Moskomsport is actively working with the sports organizers of the Troitskiy and Novomoskovskiy Administrative Okrugs. They have worked out the scheme of organizational cooperation with the Prefecture and Administrations of the territories. The okrug center of the South-Eastern Administrative Okrug and sports schools of Moscow hired 33 coaches. The teams of the Troitskiy and Novomoskovskiy Administrative Okrugs actively participate in all competitions in Moscow.

One of the main goals of the Department is the training of the sport reserve, development of top achievement sports, which are directed at strengthening the positions of the Moscow sports as the leader of Russian sport movement.

From the beginning of 2012 the Moskomsport in the frameworks of the state program opened 32 new sports divisions, including four divisions for handicapped people, which in comparison with 2010 made it possible to increase the number of those trained in sports schools by more than 11,000 people. At present the total number of Muscovites sportsmen reaches 143,200 people including handicapped persons.

In 2012 the teams of Moscow won landslide victories in all largest All-Russia all-round competitions among students and youth including handicapped sportsmen.

Every third Russian participant in the Olympic and Paralympic Games-2012 in London is a Muscovite. They successfully performed at both Games in London making a considerable contribution in the achievements of the national teams of the country. In total the Olympic sportsmen from Moscow won 57 medals (24 gold ones, which is 45 per cent of the total number of gold medals in the national team, 18 silver and 15 bronze medals). Moscow Paralympic sportsmen won 24 medals including 11 gold ones.

For exceptional sport achievements of Moscow sportsmen at the Olympic and Paralympic Games in London the Mayor of Moscow made a decision to pay bonuses to the winners and medalists of the Games and their coaches, the total amount of which exceeded 345,200 thousand Rubles.

With the view of supporting talented Moscow sportsmen for their high sport achievements 802 sportsmen including 392 handicapped ones get monthly incentive payments of the Mayor.

Moscow is one of the leading sport capitals of the world. During the year Moscow held more than 60 largest international sports events, including the World Championship in skating, World Championship in fencing among juniors and cadets, the final stage of the All-Russia Festival in hockey among amateur teams, the stage of the World Cup in kayaking and canoeing and international competitions in athletics in Luzhniki, which were test ones in the frameworks of the preparation for the World Championship in athletics in 2013.

Moscow is getting ready to host the largest international events in 2013:

  • World Cup in rugby-7 (June 28–30);
  • World Championship in athletics (August 10–18);
  • Moscow stage of the Olympic flame relay of the 22nd Winter Olympic Games in Sochi (October 7–10).

The Moskomsport has already finished major work on the preparation of the main sport facility of the country – the Olympic complex Luzhniki for the World Championship in athletics and the World Cup in rugby-7.

A great attention is paid to the construction, renovation, repairs and equipment of the sports facilities of the capital: during the year they commissioned 
8 large sport facilities for mass-scale engagement in physical training and sports of Muscovites.

Besides this, in May 2012 the Department of Construction in a record time finished the first stage of the renovation of the rowing canal in Krylatskiy and at present on the territory of the South-Western Administrative Okrug they finish the construction of the unique sports facility for the Center of education Sambo-70 (the swimming pool 25 ? 14m, the gym with the total area of more than 2,200 sq.m. with 
4 tatamis and stands for 600 people), which will make it possible to hold competitions of different level and considerably increase the number of Muscovites engaged in sports in the South-Western Administrative Okrug.

The Moskomsport regularly holds meetings with sports public, seminars with skiers amateurs, fans and organizers of physical training and mass activities in the municipalities. The said activities of the Moskomsport are permanently improved through the application and development of the information and Internet technologies and publication of new printed editions.

Department of Physical Training and Sports of Moscow (Moskomsport) Department of Physical Training and Sports of Moscow (Moskomsport)
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