World Martial Arts Games-2013: We Need Only Victory

On October 18-26, 2013 St. Petersburg is going to hold the World Martial Arts Games-2013. It is the largest international competition uniting the representatives of Olympic and non-Olympic sports. Russian Union of Martial Arts is the host of the Games from Russian side.

Ramil Gabbasov
Executive Director of the Russian Union of Martial Arts

Making the decision on the venue of the second Games, international organization Sportaccord, which initiated the said competitions, no doubt, took into account successful performance of the Russian national team in Beijing in 2010 (then Russian sportsmen won the first team place).

For the successful implementation of the project in 2012 they set up the Directorate of the World Martial Arts Games headed by Pavel Zhuravlev. The Directory was granted exceptional rights for holding the international competitions. The main goal of the Directory is the organization of sport and cultural program, realization of the rights to work with sponsors as well as the realization of the program of official delegations visits. In its turn RUMA concentrated on the preparation of the Russian national team as any place except the first one would be a defeat for Russia.

In 2013 the program of multisport competitions will include 15 types of martial arts and sport single combats: aikido, boxing, jiu-jitsu, judo, karate, kendo, kick-boxing, savant, sambo, wrestling, sumo, Thai boxing, taekwondo, wushu, and fencing. New sports included in the program of the Games-2013 will be savant (French boxing) and fencing.

More than 1,500 sportsmen from 100 countries of the world are expected to come to St. Petersburg. For the Northern capital this sport event will become the largest in the recent 20 years.

The World Martial Arts Games-2013 will be not only a large international competition. One of the main goals of the forthcoming event, held under the auspices of the International Olympic Committee is the popularization of the sports values: self-control, determination and technical skills. The World Martial Arts Games will provide for the integration of different cultures, their knowledge of single combats.

According to the UNESCO classification martial arts are regarded as non-material values of the humanity, that is why in the frameworks of the Games they envisaged a large cultural program, which reflects ancient traditions of martial arts, their social and spiritual values. The themes of the events will embrace the aspects of the development of different styles and schools, their importance and influence on the society.

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