Karate-do Shito-ryu Federation of Russia

The style karate-do Shito-ryu is one of the main styles belonging alongside with Shotokan, Goju-ryu, Wado-ryu to the Japanese Karate Federation (JKF) and the World Karate Federation. In Russia the said style emerged thanks to Japanese professional Sato Tetsuo more than forty years ago.

Aleksey Repin
President of the Karate-do Shito-ryu Federation of Russia

Karate-do Shito-ryu Federation of Russia, a successor of the Karate-do Shito-ryu Federation of the USSR, founded in 1990 possesses rich experience and potential. There is a trained instructor's and coaching personnel, having Russian international attestation; the sportsmen of the Federation repeatedly became world champions in different weight classes. The Federation possesses reach methodical material. At the Russian State University of Physical Training they prepare professional coaches in karate-do Shito-ryu. At present the Federation has prepared more than a thousand of the black belt masters from first to sixth Dan. President of the Federation A. Repin has the rank of Shihan.

The main conceptual idea of Karate-do Shito-ryu school is the reaching of harmonic spiritual and physical development. This is why every follower of the said style is assessed not only by his/her physical and technical conditions, but by the level of the development of moral properties as well, which determine the behavior of a person not only in the gym but in his/her everyday life.

The history of the world championships in Karate-do Shito-ryu started in 1993. On March 19 of this memorable for Shito-kai year Tokyo held an international conference with the participation of the representatives of 28 countries of the world, who founded the World Karate Federation Shito-ryu. Its first President was elected Ivata Mandso. On March 21-22 Budo Kane in Tokyo held the first World Championship in Shito-ryu. Its program included individual and team competitions in kata and kumite. On the eve of the Championship they held seminars on kata and refereeing. Russian national team became a bronze medalist of the Championship in the team kumite, having passed five rounds.

A second World Championship was held on August 23-25, 1996 in Pueblo, Mexico. Sportsmen from 34 countries of the world took part in it. Again they competed for the championship in the team and individual kata and kumite. Russian sportsmen built on the success of the first World Championship: women's team won gold medals in the team kumite. Besides this, Russian girls won gold and bronze medals in individual competitions. The men's team repeated its success having won a bronze medal in the team kumite. In Pueblo for the first time in the history of Shito-kai outside Japan they held an exam on fifth Dan for non-Japanese. In total they attested four Europeans, of whom three were Russians: Valery Dubinin, Yury Orlov and Aleksey Repin.

A third World Championship in karate-do Shito-ryu was held on August 26-27 2000. 1,600 participants from 33 countries of the world again gathered in the capital of Japan Tokyo. On August 26 in the National Youth Olympic Memorial Center they held preliminary competitions and on August 27 in an old Japanese Budo Kane they held semi-final and final competitions. At this Championship Russian team won only one bronze medal in the absolute weight class of men's kumite.

A great success for Russian sportsmen was a fourth World Championship held in Moscow in 2003. It should be noted that the motto of the championship was the paragraph of the World Karate Federation competitions without discrimination by national, religious, ideological criteria, without state borders. The participants of the Championship were greeted by President of the Russian Federation V. Putin. Russian sportsmen won 2 gold, 2 silver and 6 bronze medals.

A fifth World Championship held in Tokyo in the September of 2006 was especially successful for Russian sportsmen: out of 13 finals Russian won in 5, including the most prestigious disciplines – team kumite (men and women).

A sixth World Championship in karate-do Shito-ryu was held in August 2009 in Beijing. The most successful here was the junior team, which won 5 gold, 3 silver and 6 bronze medals. Adult sportsmen won a bronze medal in women's kata.

Unfortunately, due to the catastrophe at the nuclear power station in Fukushima they shifted the dates of a seventh World Championship, which will be held in September 2013 in Tokyo. Due to the shift of the Championship dates in 2012 the sportsmen of the Federation took part in different tournaments, which were out of the united calendar plan of the Ministry of Sports of Russia. The shape acquired by the World Championship made it possible to reach considerable achievements. Thus, in 2012 at different competitions of the international level the sportsmen of the Federation won 19 gold, 10 silver and 33 bronze medals. In 2012 in the composition of the Federation Oriental Martial Arts the Federation was again accredited by the Ministry of Sports of Russia. At present more than forty sportsmen of the Federation have the title of the Honored master of sports of Russia.

At present the style Shito-ryu is the most developed in the following subjects of the Russian Federation: the Republic of Adygea, the Komi Republic, the Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod and Novosibirsk Oblasts and other. The Moscow Oblast is one of the most successful examples of the style development at present.

The development of the Shito-ryu style in the Moscow Oblast is carried out by the Federation of Karate-do Shito-ryu of the Moscow Oblast, which was registered in the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation in June 2010. The President of the Federation is K. Fatejev. The foundation of the said organization made it possible to coordinate the work of the leading coaches with the view of reaching high sports results and dissemination of the Shito-ryu style on the territory of the Moscow Oblast. At present the Federation unites sports clubs and children's sports schools from than 10 different districts of the Moscow Oblast. The Presidium of the Federation actively participates in the organization and holding of the majority of All-Russia calendar events. A special attention is paid to the work with children. The youngest children start to participate in competitions when they are 5 yet. It doesn't matter that now only their parents get very excited with their performance, but the fact that these children from the very young age are brought up in the spirit of discipline, respect for grown-ups, no doubt, will serve as a good foundation for the emergence of the whole correctly orientated person. Maybe this is why in this hard time from the point of view of children's education more and more parents bring their kids to gyms from the very early age.

Possessing from the point of view of the experience of the coaching staff (3, 4, 5 Dan) the Federation not only successfully combines physical and spiritual development of its sportsmen and high sports results but it also permanently organizes seminars and workshops for other regions of Russia.

Young sportsmen of the Moscow Oblast are invariably among the winners and medalists of the Championship of Russia and other All-Russia competitions. Such stability of good results is reached thanks to the fact that sportsmen win medals both in kata and kumite. The bests results in kata belong to the sportsmen from Mytishchi (coaches N. Topolyan, A. Margaryan), Egorievsk (coach E. Karasev), Shchelkovo (coach E. Anikin). In kumite the leading sportsmen are from Lyubertsy (coaches A. Kapranenko, A, Shatejev,) and Voskresensk (coach A. Frolov). The sportsmen from the sports school Shchelkovo are very close to them (coach A. Rakitskiy). But it should be noted that in order to achieve such results it is necessary to train much, which is ensured by the leading coaches of the Federation V. Garmaev and A. Poedintsev.

Karate-do Shito-ryu Federation of Russia Karate-do Shito-ryu Federation of Russia