Interregional Aikido Club OOSINKAN

The oldest aikido club in Moscow was opened in 1983 at the Moscow State University named after M. Lomonosov. Alexander Kachan has been heading the Club since its foundation.

Alexander Kachan
Head of the Interregional Aikido Club OOSINKAN(Aikido World Headguarters Affiliate). Chief coach of the Russian National Aikido Council. Member of the Presidium of the Friendship Society Russia – Japan.

In 1989 the Club got the status of the World Aikido Center affiliate (Aikikai Hombu Dojo), by that time the Club had more than 60 sportsmen. Thus, with the support of the Sports Committee of the USSR and the Japanese Embassy the Club organized the visits of: the first official delegation from the USSR (1991), which participated in the annual aikido festival; in 1992 a grandson of the aikido founder and present Doshu Ueshiba Moriteru; in 1993 and 1995 delegations of the World Center instructors in Moscow; in 1994 the USSR leading instructors to Japan.

The Club is developing traditional classical style – aikido aikikai.

The honorary President of the Club is Ueshiba Moriteru (Doshu), honorary chairperson – Hiroshi Ono (6th Dan), technical advisor from the World Aikido Center since 1992 – Takanori Kuribayashi (7th Dan, Sheehan).

Since 1992 the Club has been holding educational and training seminars in its regional branches of the leading instructor of the World Aikido Center Takanori Kuribayashi (7th Dan, Sheehan). Besides this, the Club sportsmen annually go to Japan to participate in the joint gatherings with Japanese aikido fighters in the picturesque place on the bank of the lake Yamanaka at the foot of the mountain Fuji as well as in the trainings in Hombu Dojo and International University Budo.

Since 2002 during the spring vacations the Club annually holds the gathering of children’s aikido sections on the shore of the Black Sea in Anapa, for which there come from Japan leading instructors of the World Aikido Center. At the end of each gathering they hold attestation, by the results of which children get diplomas signed by Doshu Ueshiba Moriteru.

During summer vacations together with the children’s health improving center Smena the Club hosts specialized children’s sports camp in the Krasnodar Krai.

The sessions in sections and groups are conducted by Russian aikido specialists. The majority of the instructors possess special pedagogical education and attended extension courses at the leading pedagogical and sports higher schools of the country as well as internships at the World Aikido Center and University Budo in Japan. Many of them work according to their own programs, for which they were given bonuses and awards as well as the letters of thanks from different public and governmental organizations.

For the active work on the development and advocacy of aikido the representatives of the Club Oosinkan were many times given different prizes and awards of the Russian Union of Martial Arts, Russian National Aikido Council and other public and governmental organizations. It is the only aikido club in Russia, which got 8 prizes of the National Aikido Council of Russia Tornado. The head and its chief instructor Alexander Kachan (5th Dan) was awarded the title of Honored Instructor of the Russian Union of Martial Arts and in 2005 he became the laureate of the national prize Gold belt in martial arts.

The Club is an active member of Russian National Aikido Council. It is the participant in the annual international and All-Russia festivals and the programs of Russian National Aikido Council, Russian Union of Martial Arts, Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation, League Health of the Nation, Forum Russia is a sports country and other demonstration performances. Young sportsmen of the Club many times became the laureates of All-Russia Junior Martial Arts Games.

The Club’s representatives in the national teams participated in the World Non-Olympic Sports Games (2005, Germany) and in the World Martial Arts Games (2010, China) as well as in the demonstration programs in the frameworks of the national prizes Gold belt and Battle of champions.

At present the Club has 15 sections in Moscow and 23 affiliates in Russia – from Irkutsk and Norilsk to Kaliningrad and Sochi. There are the affiliates in Armenia, Kazakhstan and Kirgizia. The Club has more than 3,000 sportsmen with about 300 black belts.

The main directions of the Club activities are the following:

  • harmonious development and upbringing of a person, based on the traditions of martial arts;

  • development of children’s aikido;

  • individual approach;

  • high professional level of instructors;

  • authors’ programs and unique methodics.

Interregional Aikido Club OOSINKAN (World Aikido Center Affiliate), Moscow Interregional Aikido Club OOSINKAN (World Aikido Center Affiliate), Moscow