Oriental Federation of Russia

Oriental is a modern discipline of martial arts; it is called oriental combat sport or o-sport.

Gennady Cherkasov
President of the Oriental Federation of Russia

Oriental sport started its development in Hamedan, Iran, which is one of the oldest cities in the world. From the local ancient types of wrestling in Persia they chose the most efficient sport competitions. Since 1970 oriental sport started to develop in the southern and eastern parts of Iran. 2005 is the year of the foundation of the World Oriental-Sport Federation when Koffi Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations at the General Assembly declared that the World Oriental-Sport Federation (WOF) was founded in Hamedan, historical and cultural capital of Iran. At present 15,000 Iranian sportsmen are engaged in this sport. Through global competitions WOF seeks to develop o-sport all over the world in the categories: full contact, holding competitions both in the ring and on the tatami.

This sport is full of contact bouts as this is the combination of boxing, karate and wrestling both in front and takedowns striking with hands, feet, knee, elbow (styles: 1. Ahmatan (Part Fight); 2. Amaday (Shoot Fight); 3. Aksaya (Mix Fight & Safe Fight) making in the very end a single different and innovative sport, called oriental sport.

Oriental sport is a breath taking new sport, which attracts all groups of the society, adults, youth, girls and women all over the world.

On November 14, 2007 the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation registered the All-Russia Union of Public Associations Oriental Federation of Russia.

The Federation is an official member of the World Oriental-Sport Federation (WOF) founded in 2005 with the head-quarters in Hamedan, Iran. At present the Federation represents the evolutionary process of the mixed styles development, which includes all existing in martial arts punching technique with hands and feet and all types and technique in wrestling. Depending on the division: Aksaya – mix fight, and safe fight, Amaday – shoot fight, Ahmatan – part fight, competitions in oriental-sport are held on tatami or in the ring with soft covering (not less than 40mm thick). At present in the ROF there exist 3 divisions of full contact fights.

Oriental literally means eastern, but unlike oriental martial arts this type of sport is free from dogmatism, philosophic movements and traditions. Oriental-sport is a really open and free system of physical conditions improvement, accessible for every teenager.

The indicator of the popularity of mixed styles are the professional fights without rules. We have created an amateur version of mix-fight – division Aksaya, in which children perform in the protective apparel, which allows to participate in competitions without traumas (Aksaya subdivision – safe fight).

At present the international organization unites 51 countries of the world from five continents. The World O-Sport Federation has an international registration. The statute of the organization is fully based on democratic principles with the elections of the president and vice-presidents every four years.

WOF annually holds World Championships, for example, in April 2008 the World Championship took place in Bangkok, Thailand with the participation of fighters from 24 countries of the world. Besides world championships (Philippines – 2007, Thailand – 2008) there were held Championships of Asia (Iran – 2006, 2008, Azerbaijan – 2007), European Championships (Ukraine – 2007, Greece – 2008), and international tournaments in Greece, Thailand, Ukraine, Russia etc.

One of the important events in the oriental-sport world became the participation of WOF in World Games TAFISA in Busana, South Korea under the patronage of the International Olympic Committee, in which our sportsman from the Republic of Tyva Khertek Batiy won a silver medal in one of the divisions of oriental-sport, losing in the final to the fighter from Iran. By the way, it is exactly in Iran and South Korea where oriental-sport is developing with outstripping pace.

The main idea of the Federation is not only to teach a teenager some technique of mix-fight and win victories at Russian and international competitions. We have a more complicated goal: we want the children to trust themselves regardless of the situation in his/her home, family of orphanage. It is important that they are able to defend themselves, which means to raise a really harmonious personality, whose system of values will be in harmony with the cult idea in Russia of spiritually and physically sound nation of the patriots of their country.

The oriental-sport is developed in 57 regions of the Russian Federation. It is most developed in Bashkiria, Tyva, North Ossetia, Karachaevo-Cherkessia, Belgorod, Voronezh, Lipetsk and Yaroslavl Oblasts.

It is necessary to mention the joint work with the National program Emergency Store – Children of the Fatherland and the President's Regiment of the Moscow Kremlin, the Federal Protection Service (FPS) of the Russian Federation on educating children and teenagers, strengthening their body and spirit and preparation for the service for the fatherland. All events of the OFR are held together with the FPS of the Russian Federation under the slogan The world without drugs for children of the planet.

Since 2007 in the frameworks of the World Festival of Martial Arts the Federation has been holding the Euro tour with the same slogan.

In 2008 the Federation became a member of the Russian Union of Martial Arts and the Committee of the National and Non-Olympic Sports of Russia. They held regional competitions – championships of oblasts, okrugs and krais, in which there participated more than 6,000 sportsmen. The number of children and teenagers participating in competitions is growing from tournament to tournament. In March they held the Cup of Russia in oriental-sport (Ufa), in which there participated 156 sportsmen from different regions of Russia. In April they held the World Championship in o-sport (Bangkok, Thailand) where the national team of Russia won three gold medals. In the end of September in Busana, South Korea we participated in the World Games in non-Olympic sports.

In the beginning of October 2008 in Anapa the Federation actively participated in the First All-Russia Junior Games in martial arts, organized by the Russian Union of Martial Arts; there they also held the International tournament in o-sport with the participation of 92 sportsmen from 14 regions of Russia, Moldova and Ukraine. In November in Tambov they held All-Russia tournament in o-sport Tambovsky Wolf, and on December 5 on the small arena of the Luzhniki they held the 3d Champions Fight – the most prestigious tournament in martial arts in Russia, at which the Federation was represented by a sportsman from the Republic of Tyva Khertek Batiy.

The main events during 2009-2012


Since 2009 they have been conducting work on the organization and holding of regional competitions in o-sport with championships organized and held in 48 regions of the Russian Federation during three months. From January 29 to February 2009 in Tuymazy they held All-Russia Club Championship in o-sport, in which there participated 216 sportsmen from 20 regions of Russia. On February 20-22 in Kishinev at the CIS Championship we won 3 silver and 1 bronze medals. On February 28, 2009 in Moscow they held All-Russia children and junior's tournament Emergency store – young fighter, in which there participated 123 sportsmen from 8 oblasts. On March 26–29, 2009 Neftekamsk hosted All-Russia qualifying tournament (150 participants) for the World Championship 2009, which was held on April 11–17 in Kharkov, Ukraine at which the national team of Russia won 22 gold, 24 silver and 8 bronze medals.

On September 5–15, in Anapa they held the 2nd All-Russia Junior Games in martial arts: 109 participants from 18 regions of Russia. By the number of participants and represented regions the Russian O-Sport Federation got 6th place out of 23 federations participating in the Games-2009.


On January 30–31, Tuymazy hosted the 2nd All-Russia Club Championship in o-sport. 178 sportsmen participated in it.

On February 6–7, Cherkessk hosted the Cup of Friendship of the North Caucasus Peoples. There participated 150 sportsmen from the republics of the North Caucasus, Rostov-on-Don, Stavropol Krai and Sochi.

On February 22–23, Belgorod hosted the open tournament Ratnik devoted to the 65th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War with 138 participants competing in 4 divisions of o-sport.

On March 11, Moscow hosted the International tournament in o-sport; there participated 96 sportsmen.

On March 18–21, Pereslavl-Zalessky hosted All-Russia Championship in o-sport with the participation of 249 sportsmen from 16 regions of Russia.

From March 29 to April 3 Kharkov, Ukraine hosted the Open Cup of Europe in o-sport with 365 sportsmen from 9 countries of Europe.

On April 15–18, Neftekamsk held the Forum of Martial Arts with 200 sportsmen from 12 regions of the Russian Federation.

On April 26–30, Hamedan, Iran hosted the 3d Open Asian Championship in o-sport, in which there participated 156 sportsmen from 15 countries of Asia.

On September 9–19, Anapa hosted the 3d Open Junior Games in martial arts with 2,500 participants from 32 federations of martial arts.

On December 1–5, Pereslavl-Zalessky under the slogan The world without drugs for children of the planet held the European Championship in o-sport (IOMAF – International Oriental Martial Arts Federation version), devoted to the 30th anniversary of the special purpose group Vympel of the Russian Federal Security Service. In the competitions there participated more than 600 sportsmen from 16 countries of Europe. The first team place was won by the national team of Russia, second place – the national team of Ukraine, third place – the national team of Moldova.

On December 13–17, Antalya, Turkey hosted the 5th World Championship in o-sport, in which there participated 24 countries from three continents: Europe, Asia and Africa (Nepal, Nigeria, England, Germany, Iran, Jordan and other). In total there were about 2,000 participants. By the total number of gold medals the first place was won by the national team of Russia (23 gold, 8 silver and 11 bronze medals), second place – the national team of Romania (11 golf, 23 silver and 25 bronze medals), third place – the national team of Turkey.

Besides the sport achievements it is necessary to mention June 10, which is the date when the Ministry of Sports and Youth Policy of the Russian Federation recognized o-sport as a separate sport.


On March 24–29, Antalya, Turkey hosted the 6th World Championship in o-sport. The national team of Russia won 2 gold, 1 silver and 3 bronze medals.

September 12, Anapa saw the start of the 4th All-Russian Junior Games in martial arts.

The Russian Union of Martial Arts has been the host of the largest children's event in martial arts for a second year in a row. The co-chairs of the union are Yuriy Trutnev, Russian Federation President's aide (5th dan in Kyokusinkai) and Sergey Kirienko, Director General of the state corporation Rosatom (3d dan Aikido Aikikai). For the fourth year in a row the Oriental Federation of Russia in the frameworks of the All-Russia Junior Games in martial arts holds an o-sport tournament under the slogan The world without drugs for children of the planet.

On November 14–18, Antalya, Turkey held the Open European Championship in o-sport. In this tournament there participated 142 sportsmen from 15 European states. The gold medal for the national team of Russia in o-sport was won by Kertik-ool Sayana (the Republic of Tyva) in the weight class 60-64kg, division Aksaya.


On February 9–12, Orel hosted the Championship of the CIS countries and the Baltic states, in which there participated 320 sportsmen from 8 countries.

On April 2–5, Kemer, Turkey hosted the Championship of Europe, in which there participated 400 sportsmen from 16 countries.

On April 23–29, Nizhny Novgorod hosted the Cup of Europe, in which there participated 300 sportsmen from 12 countries.

On September 13–17, Delhi, India hosted the Championship of Asia, in which there participated 350 sportsmen from 14 countries of Asia.

On June 4–8, Tallinn, Estonia hosted the Championship of the World, in which there participated 450 sportsmen from 32 countries of the world.

On September 9–19, Anapa hosted the 5th All-Russia Junior Games in martial arts. For the fifth year in a row the Oriental Federation of Russia in the frameworks of the All-Russia Junior Games in martial arts held an o-sport tournament under the slogan The world without drugs for children of the planet, in which there participated 300 sportsmen in o-sport.

On October 10–19, they held the 5th Euro tour in o-sport in 6 capitals of Europe: Warsaw – Berlin – Brussels, Amsterdam – Paris – Prague.

On December 7–9, Moscow hosted All-Russia Championship in o-sport, in which there participated about 400 sportsmen from 46 regions of Russia.

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