XXVII World Summer Universiade Torch Relay

The Universiade Torch Relay started on July 12, 2012. The Torch was lit in the University of Sorbonne in Paris, where in 1923 they held first in the history World Students' Sports Games.

 In the ceremony there participated Claude-Luis Gallien, President of the International Students' Sports Federation, Jubert Bartolome, President of the University Paris-Sorbonne, Mintimer Shaimiev, first President, State Counselor of the Republic of Tatarstan, Oleg Matytsin, President of Russian Student's Sports Union, Jose Savois, President of French Students' Sports Federation and Vladimir Leonov, Director General of the Executive Committee Kazan-2013. The honor to light the Torch was given to five students of Sorbonne representatives of Europe (France), Asia (China), America (Mexico), Africa (Egypt) and Australia. During the lighting ceremony they joined the torches of the blue, yellow, black, green and red colors (the FISU colors), thus symbolizing the unity of all peoples of the planet under the auspices of sports.

The historic event became the round the world journey of the Universiade Torch onboard the biggest in the world bargue Sedov. On July 15 during the largest regatta in the world the Torch was handed over to the cadet crew – keepers of the Universiade Torch. The bargue with the Torch onboard will cover under sails 45,000 sea miles and repeat the itinerary of the greatest travelers of all times and peoples.

The relay is divided into two stages. The first one, which started in 2012 and visited all 5 continents ended on January 25, 2013 on the Day of Russian Students and then there started the second 30,000km. long stage. The relay started in Vladivostok. The Torch bearers among whom there were famed sportsmen Olympians Aleksey Morozov, Dinara Safina, Kamilla Gafurzyanova carried the Torch across Vladivostok and then lit the town Flame bowl. Igor Shuvalov, the First Deputy Chairperson of the Government of the Russian Federation, the Chairperson of the Organizing Committee on the preparations and holding of the Universiade-2013, Rustam Minnikhanov, President of the Republic of Tatarstan, Vladimir Miklushevsky, Governor of the Primorsky Krai, Igor Pushkarev, Mayor of Vladiviostok, Ilsur Metshin, Mayor of Kazan, Vladimir Leonov, Director General of the Executive Committee Kazan-2013 and other officials witnessed the ceremony.

“We have the Flame – the Flame of the 27th World Students' Games, noted Igor Shuvalov, I congratulate you with the fact that the Torch relay starts from here, from Vladivostok from where starts our great country. Kazan, the Torch will come to you, and all of us will shout for our students, our sportsmen. I hope that these Summer Games will be remembered as the best in the history”.

“I would like to thank everybody of you who participated in the organization of this event. On July 6, the Torch will come to us and we are looking forward to it”, said in his turn Rustam Minnikhanov.

Going from the east to the west of the country the torchbearers will visit 30 largest student centers of Russia. The Torch will come to Khabarovsk, Yakutsk, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Tyumen, Yekaterinburg, Kaliningrad, Archangelsk, Stavropol, Pyatigorsk, Sochi, Rostov-on-Don, St. Petersburg, Vladimir, Moscow, Perm, Izhevsk, Kirov, Nizhny Novgorod, Yoshkar-Ola, Cheboksary, Ulyanovsk, Saransk, Penza, Saratov, Samara, Orenburg and Ufa. Then the relay will cross 43 municipalities of the Republic of Tatarstan and finish in Kazan on July 6, 2013 with the opening of the XXVII World Summer Universiade.

Executive Committee  of XXVII World Summer Kazan Universiade 2013 Executive Committee of XXVII World Summer Kazan Universiade 2013